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Client Testimonials

I just want to convey how satisfied I am with my experience last Friday. I was a bit nervous, having never done this sort of thing before and had no idea what to expect. My stylist was so professional and full of energy that by the end of the day she had instilled me with a huge dose of self-confidence. Even when I came home and unpacked everything I knew that I will use every single piece of item that I bought. I still cannot process that she was able to find a pair of jeans that fit me perfectly! (I NEVER find jeans that fit me.) So again, please let Stephanie know how happy I am with how by birthday turned out, and that I will definitely come back and use Forty-Eight 10 and her services again!

— Kimmy (April 2017)

One of the main things that worried me before booking was ‘Will I get on with my personal stylist’ and ‘How will she get me’. However, any fears I had were short lived! Juliana made sure to learn my personality before hand and when I met my stylist, she made me feel at ease within seconds of meeting. You guys are now on my speed dial! Great, friendly service.

— Gabriella (May 2017)

Hi I just wanted to say thank you to my personal stylist Erin for today. She is a credit to your organization and I really felt that I got my monies worth. I have come away from today with some lovely clothes (well wardrobe really) as it included coats, belts and shoes and all within budget. A genuinely enjoyable experience and this from a man who does not normally enjoy shopping for clothes at all. Thanks again and I will be booking again in a couple of months.

— Andy (March 2017)

I thought this was an absolutely “inspired” idea for a careers event. So many careers have little or no time at all to spend on clothes/make-up shopping, or are just plain too tired. As Juliana said it helps so much to present our best face for ourselves as well as to the outside world. Thank you for a smashing afternoon.

— Career Outreach Service (April 2017)

I did indeed enjoy the day on Monday, it was such fun and a great relief!!! I was strangely very nervous before she arrived but within a very short time started to enjoy the experience – it was refreshing that she took such a great interest in me, my life style, likes and dislikes. Juliana built on what I already had and expanded by wardrobe beyond belief. I have been waxing lyrical to all my friends and work colleagues about Juliana and what a great job she did on the day. I loved her energy and knowledge and I wore the first outfit that evening and both my husband and daughter were amazed at my transformation so thank you. I am already contemplating a few additional extras based on Juliana’s advice!!

— Jane (February 2017)

I thought that this course was very well conducted. Great lunch and informative. Juliana was very poised and professional while engaging with all that attended. More courses like this would be great.

— Careers Outreach Service (April 2017)

Thank you so much for my personal style report. I am going to print this off and have all the pictures inside my wardrobe so I can choose an outfit the night before. I had an amazing day and I’m really glad that I went for the Closet Styling in the end. I had a blast from start to finish and I can’t wait for everyone to see my outfits.

— Sarah (March 2017)

Thank you Juliana and Forty-Eight 10! I don’t think I’ll ever need to shop again. Signed up for your Style 365 program.

— Mark (May 2017)

A few hours ago I returned from my first ever experience with a personal stylist after a mad panic that I had no decent outfit for my best mate’s wedding party this same weekend. My stylist was amazing from the moment I met her to the moment we parted company. She’d read my questionnaire and had already pulled a large number of outfits. I felt totally comfortable with her and ended up with such a beautiful selection of clothes that suited my budget. She is a real talent and has provided me not only with the most amazing attire for this weekend that I feel confident in, but also with a new eye for fashion that I would have previously just walked past – all in the space of a couple of hours! I already look forward to working with Forty-Eight 10 again, at least 2 or 3 times over the year to help me with me with my wardrobe, it was a real joy – much more enjoyable than the bore and chore that clothes shopping used to be. Thanks! Highly recommended, and well worth that extra bit for all that you get out of it!!

— Simon (May 2017)

Thank you Juliana! People are in shock when I tell them I’m over 65.

— Beverly (March 2017)