December 9, 2017

Why You Need To Control Your Footprint

Your personal brand is a vivid indication of the best you have to offer – the performance, contributions and value your next employer, client or customers can expect from you.

The brand you communicate marks your career or business reputation and is in some respects a promise. When you carry a personal brand, your unique promise of value precedes you and has far-reaching effects throughout your job search or marketing efforts.

Don’t let it take a back seat just because you have plenty of things going on. As Stephanie JoAnne, an online business mentor for modern-day entrepreneurs, says, “You need to know that everything you do, both intentionally and not, contributes to the way others are perceiving your personal brand.”

Still need some convincing? Below you’ll find three hard-hitting reasons to give your personal brand some time and attention.


1. Your advancement is in your hands

Your career advancement is no longer the responsibility of your employer. Personal Branding is an executive-level strategy that now works for professionals at all levels, no matter what kind of positions you’re seeking. Entrepreneurs now need to be the face of their business to gain product or service trust. Take advantage of this powerful way to differentiate yourself that generates interest and opens doors.

Professionals, I want you to answer: How many times you’ve seen a graduate come in and within a short time sitting next to you in the boardroom? If you’re an entrepreneur, ask yourself this question: Why is that business that just stepped into the industry doing extraordinary well? OK!


2.There’s too much noise to be conservative

Thanks to the internet’s sheer volume of content, it’s easy to get lost in the noise. That’s why you have to make a good first impression, whether trying to get an Instagram user to stop scrolling past your content or convince a search algorithm that you’re a uniquely valuable resource.


3.You’re always branding yourself

This is the most important point. As of 2017, you no longer have a choice about personal branding — the world is far too connected for you not to be transmitting some kind of personal message with your actions.

If you decide not to actively participate in the betterment of your industry, people will take notice, and their professional opinions of you aren’t likely to be favorable. Without control of your personal brand, your image stands on shaky ground.

Invest in your brand. That way, you not only invest in yourself, but also in the people you lead and the organization you represent.



*photo credit: HuffingtonPost Canada


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