A few frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Forty-Eight 10 as opposed to anyone else?
Forty-Eight 10 are a team of talented group of Personal Stylists, Personal Shoppers, Hair Stylists and Make-up Artists. We offer a unique service for anyone regardless of your budget or location. We have a detailed and extensive knowledge of the shops and stores that works within your budget to advise and help you to choose those items that will make you look good and feel great.

The service is of the highest quality and the day does not finish when you leave your personal stylist. We are always here for all our clients. We believe the quality of our service is second to none.

I don’t live in a large city. Can I still use your services?
Of course you can. We have virtual consultants that can still assist you in developing your style.

I prefer high street to designer shops. Can you still help me?
We certainly can. We will shop with your budget in mind and help you find value for money. We make sure we get a good capsule wardrobe using the agreed shopping budget.

What experience do your Stylists have?
All the Stylists have all worked within the fashion industry as personal stylists, personal shoppers, colour consultants, hair stylists, barbers and make-up artists. All of the team have fashion degrees, diplomas and certificates, vast styling experience and are all friendly and easy to get along with. Our stylists have clients from all different walks of life and will make anyone feel at ease. Everyone will speak to their Stylists before the day for an initial conversation.

Are there any hidden charges?
No, what you see is what you get, all our travel expenses are included in the price (some remote areas may incur a charge, please check). A fifty percent deposit is required before the day to secure the booking and the remainder is made payable 7 days prior to your appointment. A 7 day notice period is required for cancellation, after which the deposit/fee becomes non-refundable. Full payment is taken for Gift Vouchers. Please visit our Terms page for further information.

Can I pay by credit card?
At this moment we only receive PayPal payments or e-transfers after initial deposit.

Could I have my hair and make-up done too?
You can add on any service such as a hair restyle or makeup application or lesson to your day. Please look Contact Us for more information.

I can never find anything to suit my shape. How do I know you can?
We have client of all shapes and sizes and we have always been successful in fulfilling our clients’ requirements. Our Personal Stylists are always shopping for clients of all different shapes and sizes on a daily basis and you’ll be surprised what they’ll achieve for your specific needs.

How will I know if I will get along with my Stylist and how will they know what suits me?
All our Stylists have clients from all different walks of life and can instantly build up a rapport with you whilst also contemplating what to do with your look. All packages are designed so you will have fun while you learn a lot about your style and what suits you. You will also have an opportunity to speak to your stylist before your day so that you both get to know each other better. Finally, after meeting you the stylist is able to decide on clothes that suit you and also which clothes fit into your lifestyle.

I’d like to have a Stylist look through my wardrobe but I feel embarrassed to show them what I have.
The Stylists are here to help and not to judge. What may seem like a pile of unworn clothes to you might be the basis of some great outfits. This is a very valuable part of the process as many clients are surprised to see how many complete outfits your stylist puts together before leaving the home.
What should I set aside for a shopping budget?
We often get asked this question and the answer is that we can shop on a very small budget to an unlimited amount. What we do at Forty-Eight 10 is try and educate everyone to show you what suits you, without the pressure of buying. Whatever your budget you can be sure that you will get the best items available and will come away with a capsule wardrobe that can be mixed and matched together.