Personal Branding Strategy

Personal Branding Strategy

More and more workers are becoming virtual employees through freelance or within an organization. We understand that in order to demonstrate your value, you need to become more visible. Companies are making it clear that even though you receive a paycheck with their name on it, when it comes to managing your career, they’re reducing their involvement. It’s up to you to identify your next role and connect with the right people in and outside of the organization to make it happen. The loosening of the reins is great news because career management is in your hands. However, you’re also extremely busy, therefore, our personal branding packages partnered with our style and image consulting services will allow you to refine and control the speed of your business or career.

* These services are not separate. They are partnered within our image development packages.

Brand Positioning Package

Step One: Brand Awakening Session

After you answer the initial questionnaire, your appointment will be set up so we can determine where you are today, get a stronger view of what your goals are — socially and professionally — and identify your specialized area of expertise. You will also language how you want to be perceived. how to effectively portray this and how you can make your image moving forward work for you at work and away from work.


Step Two: Industry Research

In this step we will do the research of your industry ensuring that we understand what angle to position you in by assessing your skills, defining your audience and analyzing your organization and industry competitors.


Step Three: Brand Identity

In this final step, we will discuss with you how to package your expertise and skills appropriately and which tools to use that will display your most authentic self. Your personal brand statement will be crafted and a clear understanding of your brand identity. You can take this report to your designers, photographers, videographers and marketing team so they all have a clear concise strategy to work from that is consistent and authentic.


Brand Imaging Package

This package are for those that desire to take it a step further of partnering their authentic brand positioning with their image. From the information we’ve gained through our conversations and research completed we will present you with our recommendations.


In addition to positioning package, what’s included:

– Custom Color Palette

– Font Recommendations

– Primary Logo

– One-Page Personal Website

– One Business Card Design


*If you desire any additional services, you may do so at this point.


Digital Brand Imaging Package

You want to go even further? No problem!  We will give you the full package which includes the brand positioning, brand imaging and going digital. From the information we’ve gained through our conversations and research completed we will present you with our recommendations.


In addition to above packages, what’s included:

Logo/Brand Design (choose 1)

– Submark (round) logo

– Letterhead

– Resume Design


Marketing / Digital Advertising (choose 2)

– e-Book Cover

– Postcard

– Flyer

– Brochure

– Invitation (grand opening, open house etc.)

– Banner Ad


Social Media (choose 2)

– Profile Picture

– Custom Cover Image

– Shareable Image / Meme

*Cost of photography not included