Maximizing Your Corporate Impact

Maximizing Your Corporate Impact

In today’s marketplace one’s career advancement is no longer in the hands of the employer. They are solely responsible for their next promotion through strategic networking. This has increased the need for effective personal branding. As information is easily accessible at our fingertips, organizations need to ensure that their teammates have an irresistible personal brand that is cohesive with the corporate brand. That potential partner, client or customer is looking to them as the representative of the organization. If you struggle with inconsistency in the work environment with your corporate branding; dress codes, grooming and uniform guidelines? We believe in the power of people and know the value of personal branding in the commercial marketing sense, by proactively tackling common issues such as:

– Style and Image for all work scenarios (eg, client-facing versus internal meetings, business dinner versus off-site conference)

– Uniform Consistency

– Grooming and Personal Hygiene

– Digital Footprint

From an initial brand audit through to the creation of brand values Forty-Eight 10 will work with clients to deliver a dynamic workshop “Maximizing Your Corporate Impact” designed to engage employees ensuring you have a professional and personal brand that reflects your desired image and gives you a competitive edge.

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