Image Development

Style & Brand Development

Whatever your budget or requirements, our consultants with our brand strategists can save time and money by making choices to suit your physique, style personality and brand. Career, social or casual attire, you are guaranteed to feel refined. The complete style & brand development process is known to be transformational, making our clients feel great, confident and prepared visually and virtually for their goals. All five steps are necessary — each one builds on the previous to create the best results.

You may add a grooming or beauty consultation at this point, as well as upgrade your personal brand strategy.

Step One: Awakening Session

After your initial consultation call, your consultant will need to get a stronger view of what your goals are — socially and professionally — and how to best represent yourself to get there. You will language how you want to be perceived, how to effectively portray this and how you can make your image moving forward work for you in your career and socially. We will also leave you with a little bit of homework. Our branding team will go ahead and do research within your industry ensuring that the best branding strategy is in place for your success.


Step Two: Closet Cleanse

This is when your consultant will discuss what looks great on you, then analyze your clothing and accessories for fit, style and condition. They will provide honest feedback about what works and what doesn’t, what should stay, be donated/sold, altered and what to acquire.


Step Three: Shop

Based on your budget and the needs identified together, your consultant will pre-shop for you so that all you’ll have to do is meet them for your own luxury personal boutique in-home or off site with your favourite drinks and snacks. You’ll get to try-on the clothing finds selected specifically for you and walk away with whatever you love.


Step Four: Style Roadmap

Following your personal boutique experience, you will receive a digital look book with images that blends your new wardrobe items with your old favorites and show you how to accessorize each look perfectly. This will help you recreate each look with ease. It’s super convenient, and it’s all completely private. The results will be a highly functional closet made-up of outfits that work for everyday and occasions accessible on all devices.


Step Five: Personal Branding Strategy

This final step we will discuss your personalized brand roadmap of what was cultivated from your initial conversation regarding your social and professional goals. Research of your industry would have been completed from the branding team headed by Juliana. You will walk away with the best branding and digital presence strategy that includes personal brand mission, colors and layouts of graphics, website and images that’s suitable for your industry yet personable to you. If you have a desire for a complete takeover, we will arrange your photo shoot and all necessary virtual and print designs.



*Clothing not included