Closet Styling

Closet Styling

The ideal service to book if you have a closet full of clothes but tend to wear the same thing over and over and don’t feel all that confident putting looks together. If you want a fresh perspective in creating new looks from the clothes you already own then this is a great place to start.

You may also add a grooming or beauty consultation, as well as a personal branding strategy.

Step One: Style Awakening Session

After you answer the questionnaire, your appointment will be set up so you can better understand what to expect and we can get a stronger view of your personality and your style to find the right consultant to meet your needs. We will leave you with a little bit of homework before your consultant contacts you to discuss your needs and next steps.


Step Two: Closet Cleanse

This is when your consultant will discuss what looks great on you, then analyze your clothing and accessories for fit, style and condition. They will provide honest feedback about what works and what doesn’t, what should stay, be donated/sold, or altered, and together you will identify the key pieces in your current wardrobe that will work to create looks for your lifestyle, or for a specific event or vacation.


Step Three: Style Roadmap

After learning more about you and your lifestyle needs, you’ll get new complete looks with what you already have in your closet. You’ll learn how to recreate each outfit and receive a digital look book of them so you may create them on your own and make getting dressed a breeze. You’ll also get a list of missing items that would help you complete your wardrobe.



*Clothing not included