Style, Image & Personal Branding
Let’s get acquainted!

Forty-Eight 10 was started by Juliana Gallimore, an ambitious career woman that was also a busy wife and mother that understood the battle between the two worlds. She one day decided to hang up her executive hat and pick up her entrepreneur hat to help like women go from day to wherever seamlessly.  Forty-Eight 10 started as an online boutique providing select pieces from exceptional brands and offering personal styling to modern women. As the business grew, customers who loved the virtual styling service were now desiring face-to-face styling sessions.

During these sessions, Juliana’s “aha” moment hit – she landed on a niche that she deeply connected with – women who were striving to get ahead in their industry. They all had the skills and experience, they had devoted their heart and soul, sweat and tears into their passion and the only thing holding them back was their fear of not being good enough. The fear of not being able to package and brand themselves accordingly and authentically. This all translated into the way they presented themselves and their image began costing them time, money, self-confidence and opportunities. With her understanding and experience of self-packaging, self-marketing and self-branding that’s where Juliana knew she could help them the most.

Her infectious laugh and desire to give these clients the space to relax and rejuvenate while receiving the red carpet experience has allowed the business to fly organically through word of mouth referrals. Her professional team of style consultants, estheticians, hair stylists and branding experts has started expanding making sure that clients walk away feeling refreshed, focused and refined. The desire of being a specialist in her field has driven her to back her experimentation and experience with education where she recently completed her Image Consultant credentials, Life & Executive Coach certification; Juliana Gallimore is quickly becoming the leading Style, Image and Brand Specialist in her niche.

The red lipstick addict now freely shares in speaking engagements within professional and entrepreneurial communities how to confidently position themselves for the next opportunity. She shares how she was capable of attaining an executive role within four years from entry level in her healthcare career. She motivates teams on how to style with purpose and develop their personal brand while transforming the confidence levels of these clients.

The Forty-Eight 10 brand has a global scale vision and lives by the mantra that you should, “maximize self, simplify life and stay refined as you go from day to wherever.”

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