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You know that term “fake it till you make it”? No faking anymore. Instead – “BE and believe it till you become it”. Here’s the thing – when you are looking and feeling your best, you’re doing your best and you’re attracting the best in your career, business or socially. Today, those wanting to achieve their professional goals know that managing their image and personal brand to create a consistently memorable impression in their industry is a need not a want. People who neglect their image and brand will be left behind. And, you’ve been working way too hard to let that happen.

It’s time to let us take your confidence, presence, message and magnetism to another level, so you achieve your extraordinary goals even sooner than you expect – “self package” you in a way that’s unique, authentic and effortless. Your wardrobe will support your busy lifestyle, your personal brand will be authentic, who you see in the mirror will be happier and you’ll be glowing from the inside and out. There’s one word for that – refined.

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About the Founder

Juliana Gallimore | Style & Brand Consultant

This red lipstick addict who went from an entry level to executive role over four years understands how self-packaging and self-marketing can impact your professional and personal life. As her clients are executives, professionals and entrepreneurs, she has a unique ability to ameliorate the way they feel about themselves. She gives them the style and grace to discover their very best and most powerful selves. Juliana transforms her clients from the outside in while ensuring her entire team does the same.

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Beverly (March 2017)

  Thank you, Juliana! People are in shock when I tell them I'm over 65.

March 2017
Careers Outreach Service (April 2017)

I thought that this course was very well conducted. Great lunch and informative. Juliana was very poised and professional while engaging with all that attended. More courses like this would be great.

April 2017
Mark (May 2017)

Thank you Juliana and Forty-Eight 10! I don’t think I’ll ever need to shop again. Signed up for your Style 365 program.

May 2017

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